Who We Are…

Ameritech International, Inc. is a full-service import sourcing company, dedicated to improving your bottom line through the manufacturing and on-time delivery of Asian-produced parts and equipment. Since 1983, we have manufactured and delivered hundreds of millions of Asian-manufactured parts and finished goods to customers throughout the United States.

With on-the-ground experience in 56 countries, Ameritech’s staff can handle the difficult process of:

  • Identifying qualified offshore manufacturers for your product
  • Working with the offshore manufacturer to implement design, development and production criteria
  • Creating pre-production samples for your approval
  • Negotiating competitive pricing
  • Developing packaging specifications
  • Overseeing the production process to ensure quality control
  • Establishing a solid delivery schedule, based upon your needs
  • Negotiating the best ocean or air freight rates
  • Ensuring the safety of your product while in transit
  • Handling all logistics issues, import duties and customs clearance

In short, we’ll make your offshore manufacturing experience as easy as dealing with a local supplier. . . with one big difference. Savings!!!

Click on any of the links on the left to check out our services in detail and then give us a call. Or just complete the Product Inquiry form on this site. After all, your competition is going global. Why wait any longer?

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Let’s Get Started!!!

Just give us a call (or complete the Product Inquiry form on this site) and we’ll set up a date and time to meet with you, face-to-face, for an initial consultation.

We’ll collect your product samples, engineering data/drawings and product specifications. Then we will work to find a quality manufacturer for your item. Often, we’ll send your sample to several factories, in order to ensure the best possible unit pricing. This also gives you a back-up production facility should your demand increase beyond the selected factory’s capacity.

You can expect a quotation from us within a week of the offshore factory’s receipt of your samples and specifications.

It all starts with your phone call or product inquiry to put us in motion.

Product Inquiry

Tell us about your current needs by filling out the form below.  We’re excited about the opportunity to improve your bottom line!!!

E-mail: ameritech@kc.rr.com


Offshore Sourcing and Manufacturing

Ameritech will make your purchasing experience as simple as working with a stateside supplier. We go the extra mile to locate the very best Asian manufacturer for your product, following quality standards you would expect from a local source. Our liaison office in Beijing has staff that are Six Sigma certified, giving you added peace of mind.

We’ll start by collecting samples of your product, including engineering drawings and product specifications. If you’re concerned about the transfer of intellectual property to an unknown manufacturer, we can put you in touch with local or Asian firms who can secure a foreign patent for your product. The cost for most foreign patents is substantially less than what you’d pay, or have paid, for a U.S. Patent. Once we get your approval to send samples and drawings overseas, we’ll proceed with our search for a quality production facility.

When we locate a suitable manufacturer, and they’ve had an opportunity to review the project, you’ll receive “delivered to your dock” pricing based upon your anticipated production needs. If tooling or molds are needed, you’ll receive a price for these as well. Tooling and mold costs must be paid in advance of our delivery of pre-production samples.

Upon your approval of pre-production samples, we’ll work with you to establish a letter of credit or prepayment for your production order. Once the letter of credit is established or prepayment made, the factory will begin the production and quality control process. Generally, production lead times are 30 to 45 days after receipt of the letter of credit or prepayment, with in-transit time by ocean vessel and rail to the Midwest United States around five weeks. Of course, if we’re moving your goods by air, the in-transit time is significantly less. Ameritech’s C-TPAT certification (see the Supply Chain Security link on this site) with Homeland Security will move your goods through U.S. Customs quickly and efficiently.


Since 1983, Ameritech has imported millions of parts and finished goods from several countries. We’ll negotiate with air and ocean carriers to find the most cost-effective and efficient method of getting your order to your dock.

If you need the use of a bonded warehouse to store your unused product, Ameritech can arrange that for you as well.

Supply Chain Security

Ameritech can ensure a more secure and expeditious supply chain for our customers and suppliers. Specifically,

  • a reduced number of Customs inspections, which translates into reduced border delay times for your inbound containers;
  • priority processing for Customs inspections, meaning front-of-the-line processing for inspections, whenever possible;
  • priority processing of your inbound container freight, in times of heightened terrorist alerts.

In short, although there is nothing we can do to move your containers any faster from port to port, Ameritech’s containers receive priority status for Customs clearance once offloaded from the container ship.

Each offshore factory we work with will be required to follow specific supply chain security criteria, established by U.S. Customs.